There are many things that we all take for granted. We’re counting on trams, subway trains and buses to take us through our cities safely and sustainably. Everyone trusts water treatment facilities to supply us with fresh water, and the food industry to safeguard us from bacteria. Moreover, we expect the wind farms to keep our lights on, and all automotive vehicles to be electric. There are a million other every day needs that we need to satisfy – and a planet to take care of.

This world is shaped by the population growth, urbanization, digitalization and the environmental concerns, industrial reality is the true challenge, especially in a country like India. And that’s exactly where we at Unitech Bearings Co want to be. Right at the centre, providing reliable rotation for the real world.

Our expertise is built in the distribution of bearings all around India. But what Unitech Bearings Co really offers is an arena for innovation – an opportunity for our customers to use the tools we provide to explore, improve or rethink the performance of their rotating equipment. An area where even the smallest adjustment can also make a vast difference.